My EP Rewards

Extreme Peptide now rewards you for the things you were already doing! Every dollar you spend at now earns you valuable My EP Rewards Points that you can use towards FREE PRODUCTS.

How It Works!

Every dollar you spend on products from Extreme Peptide will earn you 1 reward point. You can then use these points to apply a discount at checkout.

Here’s an Example

If Jim purchases product totalling $300 on one order and $200 on the following order then he will have 500 My EP Rewards Points automatically added to his point balance. (Point earning is at 1:1).

The next time Jim places an order on he can apply these 500 points to take a discount off of his order.

So, simply for shopping at his favorite online store Jim gets rewarded and earns himself some free products.

One More Example

Suzy has been a loyal customer of Extreme Peptide for a while and has managed to earn herself 2000 points.

On Suzy’s next order she sees that her total is $100 before shipping. She decides to apply her points to this order at checkout and her entire product purchase is now free! Suzy is so happy that she goes out and buys herself a new pair of shoes with the money she saves!

The process is simple to use, straightforward, automatic and best of all you don’t need to do anything differently!

Simply keep shopping at and watch the points rack up. If at anytime you wish to apply them to your order you have the option to.