Your online security is important!

See what Extreme Peptide is doing to protect you!

The internet of today is far different than it was even 5 years ago. It is more sophisticated, has more intelligence and knows you better than you know you. But with this greater level of convenience comes a greater level of risk. Extreme Peptide understands this and has taken great lengths to ensure that every transaction you make on any Extreme Peptide site is safe and secure from browser to completion.

One of your first lines of defense against the loss of sensitive data is secure socket layer technology also known as SSL. SSL is an encryption technology that ensures all of the information you enter on our website is secure. SSL encrypts your data and provides the highest level of protection for sensitive data like credit card numbers or passwords when you are using a public WiFi hotspot or other unsecure connections. When shopping online, it’s important to know whether companies use encrypted browsing sessions to protect your customer data while in transit over the internet.

Extreme Peptide will never store or see your financial data when making a purchase. This is all securely transmitted directly to the banks. In addition Extreme Peptide will never ask you for sensitive information unless it is absolutely necessary in the fulfillment of your order. At Extreme Peptide we feel like you are a part of our family and we want to do everything we can to keep you as safe as possible. Sleep easy tonight knowing your purchase was secure at Extreme Peptide.